This is the list of students who have filled Form No. 17 directly after 8th or 9th and cleared the board exam in the first attempt.

Name Of The StudentBefore Joining DTAfter joining DT
Suraj Sharma9th fail in 2 subjects71.10
Samir Bhise9th fail in 3 subjects69.87
Neha Shende9th fail in 1 subjects69.32
Varsha Hingole8th fail68.50
Jay Soni9th fail in 2 subjects68.21
Karishma Talekar7th fail67.51
Priyanka Tiwari9th fail in 2 subjects66.66
Laxmikanth Patel9th fail in 5 subjects65.98
Subramanian Pillai9th fail in 2 subjects65.11
Akhilesh Basu7th fail64.20
Savita Wagh9th fail in 2 subjects64.10
Jayraj Mahamane9th fail in 1 subjects63.20
Kedar Apte9th fail in 4 subjects61.33
Shashikala More9th fail in 2 subjects60.01
Madhav Lele9th fail in 5 subjects59.87
Karan Naik8th fail59.40
Vikram Dalal9th fail in 1 subjects57.20
Sonam Thakur9th fail in 3 subjects56.92
Pramod Yadav9th fail in 2 subjects55.20
Amit Phulmali6th fail55.20
Dhananjay Thombre9th fail in 2 subjects55.01
Abhay Thakker9th fail in 4 subjects50.40
Jay Sable9th fail in 5 subjects45.20
Sai Patil9th fail in 4 subjects39.80

Many more to come…

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