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This question is answered above. As we have huge experience in coaching and wonderful tradition of the best results. Obviously we have well qualified teaching and non- teaching staff. Our teachers and professors are highly educated, dedicated and sincere enough to bring out the best from every pupil.

Yes. Of course we have different units and different batches for each class. Batches are planned according to students suitable timings and scheduled according to school syllabus.

Every Saturday two unit tests will be given to the students. Monthly 8 tests and almost 80 tests in total will be conducted. Reports of the tests will be given in DAILY REPORT BOOK. 

Daily Report Book gives you daily updates through this book you will come to know what was taught, how it was taught, what home work was given etc. You need to spend only two minutes to read and sign. You can write your remarks, suggestions, advice in this book.

Yes, parents’ meeting is conducted once in a month. If parents fail to attend a meeting then they have to pay Rs. 100/- as compensation. Time table of parents’ meeting is given in Daily Report Book.

Yes, students are given homework which includes, writing, reading and recitation work.To complete homework 20 to 30 minutes are sufficient.

It is not compulsory but students get some points for it & if homework is not done they can lose points.

DT has created unique point system. Points are given on the basis of attendance, discipline, marks in tests, homework, etc.

We accommodate maximum twenty students in a batch. Admissions are given until the batch becomes full. When you are getting admission there may be any number of students but this is not important in our point of view as we give our best even if there is a single student in a batch.

Please check our fees chart and confirm it from our desk.

At the time of admission you must pay Administration charges and government taxes in advance. If you take admission in any month administration charges and government taxes will be the same. Coaching fees will be taken on EMI basis as shown in the chart.

Yes, we offer discount  on different  criteria. For details please go through our discount table.

Yes. All subjects are taught in ‘DT’, but 60% time will be spent on mathematics, science, and English, 30% time will be spent on other subjects and 10% time will be spent on “Students Personality Development”

We have staff of 4 reserved teachers so we can teach 4 batches at a time from different schools.

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