Welcome to Divyya Tutorials. Divyya Tutorials is founded in 2004 to provide quality education to young minds. We are experts in teaching State Board & CBSE Board students. We also conduct other courses like vedic maths, english speaking, etc.

Our views

Respected Parents,

It is the expectation of every parent that his child may reach the wider horizon, his life blooms with success. “Divyya Tutorials” congratulate you for the dedication you show towards your child.

Every nook and corner of our city has Tutorials to guide your child. But are these Tutorials really contributing to the development of child? Or only bright students are becoming brighter is a major topic (issue) to think over it? Most of the parents get mislead due to hype of advertising giants of education institution and they end up paying hefty amount and at the end what they attain nothing but this dissatisfaction of theirs child result. Such Tutorials are usually transformed to size of a school, due to scores of children; your child lacks personal attention.

And moreover due to overloading of students, all the coaching Tutorials have taken form of academic institution. So, mostly a tutor can’t give personal attention to each and every individual. And then, the disappointed parents get puzzled. And the bitter truth is the time which have a passed, won’t comeback for us.

And the fact is, parents should keep things in mind, that for proper upbringing & excellent performance, they should join in appropriate coaching Tutorials, where their ward will be well guided. Mostly parents think that their responsibilities end by paying hefty fees of such Tutorials at this important juncture. Is your child being properly guided? Are these so called Tutorials worthy of such fees, which are constantly producing the unsatisfactory results of your ward?

Ours highlighted (key) features

Excellent management & work skill

There is no other way, to achieve excellent result than with above aforementioned features. With the help of 3 core formula like Understanding, grasping & practising, we chalk out our own way of enlightening our students. To execute our plans if the combination of parents willpower & trust, likewise our students concentration & hard-work and appropriate thought process goes hand in hand then the success is ours.

A perfect course to boost student’s confidence

No students wants their life to be miserable & without progress. But there are obstacles in the path of student and their own problem, which the parent’s shouldn’t ignore like,

  • Memorization problem
  • Afraidness of exams
  • Unable to concentrate
  • Low self-confidence level
  • Not having appropriate thinking power, etc.

Are some of the problems faced by children and it leads to scarce utilization of capabilities to full extent. How to utilize our potential to the fullest & how to increase marks would be taught step by step using our course, which does not only benefit students but also to their parents.

Experienced & proficient Teachers

The staff in our academy are very experienced on their professional front , due to this students strengthen their base of subjects. Due to highly professional, experienced & endeavoring teachers, interest is being instilled in students about studies. Therefore students become well versed with all the subjects before exams.

E-learning classroom

Our classrooms are technologically advanced with features such as E-learning. Sometimes we hear parents asking questions like ‘How can you remember film songs and not the study part’. But mostly, in these situations, children are unable to provide correct explanation. But we can explain how it works, Ordinary human beings have 5 sensors like ears, eyes, nose, skin, tongue. Out of these, even if we use two, for doing some work, we can grasp it properly. By using this formula, we created our classroom as virtually equipped. Therefore, it converts the difficult or ambiguous part into comprehensible language.

Limited no. of students

Our classrooms have limited no. of students permitting us to remain class and not school, because of limited no. of students, this makes possible to give personal attention to each students. Due to this, our Teacher- Students relationship follows age old and primeval customs & this solves the most problems of students.

Divyya test series

Studies are incomplete without enough practice, because as the saying goes ‘Practice makes the man perfect’. In order to complete whole studies we have created ‘Divyya test series’. The question papers are sorted out by well renowned teachers. At the time of checking, even the slightest mistakes are properly solved for our students. While, taking admissions we don’t measure the child on the basis of percentage, because apart from marks, we understand the inner potential of individual students.

Printed notes

We provide printed notes because, the textbooks often are incomplete in providing the necessary details that are required to clear doubts. The printed notes are laced with text books scripts as well as additional data which makes our students a notch higher smarter.


Our Tutorials have library facility for our students who often face difficulties while self studying at home. Those students overcome difficulties by using our fascinating library facilities. Apart from that, we provide books reaching different spectrum like novels, stories, autobiography, encyclopedia, etc to make our students knowledgeable not only in their studies but also in other dimensions so the students achieve all round knowledge. We update our students through different newspaper in different languages. Due to this, student does not get tagged as a mere ‘book-worm’ but as an intellectual in all fronts.

SMS facility

By using our updated SMS facilities, we provide messages containing student’s information like attendance record, their behaviour, exams report, parent’s meeting, etc. It enables us to keep in touch with the parents, so the working guardian can keep their track of their child’s progress.

Call centre facility

By using this facility, we provide information regarding your ward. Likewise yours suggestions are warmly accepted & your suggestion will be properly employed.

Appeal to Parents

To be a successful person in today’s competitive era, proper guidance, management, continuity and deep endeavour is very essential & our faculties have all the pre requisites. If aforesaid characteristics go well, then your ward will become full-fledged individual. In order to make this dream come true, all that are required is nothing but your firm support and strong willpower.

In this technically advance period, customs and traditional are diminishing gradually. In order to keep these values intact, we are constantly striving towards inculcating these precious values to your ward.

To ignite sense of patriotism national festivities like Independence Day and Republic day are celebrated and also we give valuable insights to leaders, patriotic heroes and freedom fighters who sacrifice their lives in order to keep our country free.

It’s our humble request to the guardian that you should not only dream about your successful but also be determined to chase the dream until it come true.

Now, what are you waiting for? What are you pondering about? So, common pull up your socks, and lets lead a successful journey towards achieving your child dreams. And lets tread this path by calling us on this no. 9819657315 or meet on our workplace Divyya Tutorials- shop no 13, Indraangan society; plot no 2, sec-9, khanda colony new panvel (west), Navi Mumbai- 410206.

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